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# The Ultimate Challenge

Spell Quest 1.0

At MyAdmissionlink Educational Consult LTD, we are committed to fostering academic excellence and providing enriching opportunities for students to showcase their talents. Our upcoming event, The Spell Quest 1.0, embodies this commitment through an engaging and competitive platform designed to challenge and reward the brightest minds in our secondary schools. The Spell Quest resonates deeply with our mission at MyAdmissionlink to facilitate outstanding educational experiences and achievements for students.

What is The Spell Quest 1.0?

The Spell Quest 1.0 is an annual spelling bee competition aimed at celebrating the hard work, knowledge, and skills of secondary school students. Spanning four weeks in mid October, this competition promises a comprehensive and thrilling experience for participants, educators, and audiences alike. Each week, students will delve into different themes, culminating in a grand finale that crowns the ultimate Spelling Bee Champion

spell quest

Why Spelling Bees Matter

Spelling bees are more than just a test of memory; they are a celebration of language and a testament to a student's dedication and perseverance. Here are a few key reasons why The Spell Quest 1.0 is a valuable event for schools and students:

Enhancing Vocabulary and Language Skills

Participants will encounter a variety of words, from Latin roots to scientific terminology and sports-related jargon. This exposure broadens their vocabulary, deepens their understanding of word origins, and sharpens their spelling skills.

Promoting Academic Excellence

The competition encourages students to strive for accuracy and precision in their language use. This focus on excellence in spelling translates into better performance across other academic subjects, as clear and correct communication is foundational to all learning.

Fostering Confidence and Public Speaking

Standing before an audience and spelling words under pressure builds confidence and poise. These skills are invaluable, helping students in future academic pursuits, college applications, and professional careers.

Encouraging Healthy Competition

The Spell Quest 1.0 promotes a spirit of healthy competition among students. It teaches the value of hard work, perseverance, and sportsmanship. Competing fairly and celebrating the success of peers fosters camaraderie and mutual respect.

Rewarding Hard Work and Knowledge

By participating in The Spell Quest 1.0, students have the opportunity to earn recognition and rewards for their efforts. Prizes include cash awards, free subscriptions to our award-winning A1 Tutor app, free consultation and evaluation sessions for academic guidance, school supplies, and trophies. These incentives motivate students to push their boundaries and strive for academic success.


Who can Register?

The Spell Quest 1.0 is open to all secondary schools within Kwara State, both public and private

How to Register

Follow the steps below to register for The Spell Quest 1.0:

  • Visit the Spell Quest registration page at www.myadmissionlink.com/spellquest
  • Click the ‘‘Register Now’’ button
  • Fill out the provided form and submit it.
  • Registration closing date: To be announced

Event Structure

The Spell Quest 1.0 is thoughtfully structured to provide a progressive and engaging experience:

  • Week 1: First Round – Focus on English words with Latin roots
  • Week 2: Second Round – Emphasis on scientific terminology.
  • Week 3: Semi-Final Round – Exploration of sports-related vocabulary
  • Week 4: Final Round and Awards Ceremony – A broad range of English words across diverse topics.

Each round is designed to gradually build the participants' skills, preparing them for the ultimate challenge in the final week.

Progression of the Competition

Two Representatives from Each School: One senior and one junior.


The representatives will answer individual questions but will be scored as a team.

Competition Structure:

  • Week 1: 16 schools will be grouped into 4 groups, with the lowest scoring school from each group eliminated.
  • Week 2: 12 remaining schools compete, with the lowest-scoring school from each group eliminated.
  • Week 3: Group winners compete against the runners-up from other groups.
  • Week 4 (Final Round): The four winners from the previous round compete for the first and second place, while the two losers compete for the third and fourth positions.

Awards and Prizes

Cash Prize:

₦ 500,000 (Five hundred thousand naira only).


Free 1-Month Subscription to our award-winning A1 Tutor app for the winning school.

Free Evaluation: Admission consultation and evaluation sessions for the winner and runners-up of the senior secondary school category by admission experts from MyAdmissionlink Educational Consultants LTD.

Exclusive Session: An exclusive one-on-one session tailored for the winning team, featuring our esteemed international partners.

Gifts for All Participants: Customized school bags, notebooks, medals, and more.

The Spell Quest 1.0 is more than a competition; it's a transformative journey for students, fostering a sense of achievement and confidence. By participating, students gain exposure to diverse vocabulary and concepts, encouraging a deeper appreciation for learning. Schools also benefit by showcasing their students' talents and fostering a culture of excellence and healthy competition.

In essence, The Spell Quest 1.0 by MyAdmissionlink Educational Consult LTD is a testament to our commitment to enhancing educational opportunities. This initiative not only celebrates academic prowess but also prepares students for future success, reinforcing the vital role of education in shaping bright futures for students in Kwara State and beyond.

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